Frequently asked Questions

Why should I change from the present fount and alcohol that I am already using to 2in1 Fount?

This is a good question. Looking at things in a different light in the same way people upgrade vehicles, sound systems and computers for either economy, performance, reliability. In the same way upgrading fountain solution to improved and more reliable technology. Let's look at "2in1" Fountain Solution and look at the positives.

  1. 2in1 is premixed fount and alcohol you are only buying one product.
  2. This two pack of combined alcohol and fount takes away variables of the present day fount and alcohol dosing or premixing situation you are in.
  3. To be able to run 20% less water and maintain colour strength with clarity from the plate image area and at the same time keep the non image area clean is in it's own right magic.
  4. The many applications to which 2in1 has been applied to is proven limitless, such as (CTP Poly Plates) (Tin printing) a better ink water balance thus less ink, faster drying.
  5. The product is Fogra approved.
  6. The flash point is higher 41C, lower VOC levels.
  7. Cleaner back cylinders and metering rollers
  8. Approved by Technotrans.
  9. Constant pH and conductivity every time when mixed.
  10. The dot structure is sharp and therefore more open and brighter colours can be achieved.
  11. Improved scuff resistance, which in most causes eliminates varnishing.
  12. Improved ink drying because of better fountain control. (20% less water.)
  13. Quicker turn round times as colour balance is achieved faster and medium remains dryer.
  14. Can be used on sheet fed, commercial web, forms presses, envelope and metal decorating presses.

All of this adds to having a leading edge over your competitors simply by upgrading your fount. After all you spend a lot of money on hardware then to get ultimate performance you should have consumables that optimise the hardware capabilities.

I have a conventional press and am having all sorts of problems with poly plates. Ihave been supplied with wetting agents for start up and even resorted to dosing some alcohol to get them to run.

You are going to really luv us we will introduce you to Miss "Beyond 2006". No more wetting agents for start up and you won't need to dose alcohol to keep going.

Is the 2in1 Fountain Solution different to IPA. Could you tell me why I notice a difference ?

Yes "2in1" Fountain solution has as its alcohol source NPA which does the same job as the IPA in conventional mixtures. The NPA is less volatile and thus has a lower VOC in the press room.

Does 2in1 contain a buffering system ?

Yes, it does contain a buffering system that maintains a pH that remains constant at 5.0 to 5.5 under normal conditions.

Does 2in1 contain wetting agents as are present in many modern fountain solutions ?

No, wetting agents are not considered necessary. Due to the alcohol content the surface tension is 40 dynes and as 2in1 Fount shows superior wetting qualities we have no justification to add wetting agents. As a side benefit it is well known that certain wetting agents can find their way to the ink rollers and cause stripping and send plates blind. Because there are no wetting agents present in 2in1 Fount it eliminates the problem from this source.

A problem associated with some Fountain Solutions is the growth of bacteria. Can this happen with 2in1 Fount ?

No, this is not a problem. Contained in 2in1 Fount is a safe biocide that together with the presence of alcohol completely eliminates the possibility of bacteria growth.

Is 2in1 Fount solution in any way hazardous to use ?

If 2in1 Fountain Solution is used as the manufacturer intended there are no problems. In fact 2in1 Fount is safer than using conventional Fountain Solution and Isopropyl alcohol. For example the flash point of pure Isopropyl alcohol is 12 degrees Celsius but the flash point of 2in1 Fount is 41 degrees Celsius therefore the chances of fire are greatly reduced. However it is still inflammable so it should be stored in a flameproof area but not a refrigerated area which is recommended for I.P.A. It is well known that I.P.A. is a volatile organic compound (V.O.C.) and has some toxicity and because of its higher vapour properties it will cause more air pollution. Indeed the majority of blanket washes, roller washes and deglazers in the market contain more harmful V.O.C.'s.