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2in1 Fountain Solution

2in1 Fountain Solution

Eliminates the need for a fountain doser on Alcohol Damping Presses. No manual dosing of extra fountain solution is required. Now has FOGRA approval. More Information

Beyond 2006 Fountain Solution

Beyond 2006 Fountain Solution

An alcohol replacement fountain solution for high speed web presses. More Information

This fountain solution is a robust alcohol free fount and alcohol replacement fount for high speed web presses. See FAQ's and technical information in products section.


LTI's fountain solution and alcohol combination featured in Pro Print magazine. Go to article.

Evaluate your current dampening scenario:

Download the Press Evaluation Sheet and send it to us for free assessment and recommendations. More Information

LithoTech International now offers MGE Circulating and Dosing Equipment and LithoTech designed filtration systems.



LithoTech IQ Filtration Systems a no brainer.

"Helping our industry’s environmental responsibility."

  • Reduce down time WIN
  • Reduce waste WIN
  • Reduce maintenance WIN
  • Simple installation WIN
  • Inexpensive to run WIN
  • Microorganism control WIN
  • Built in Australia for our conditions WIN
  • Makes your company more profit WIN

See Calculation Advantage of LTI IQ Filtration & Introduction to LTI IQ Filtration


Polyester CTP Plates and Fountain Solutions

Polyester CTP plates are very cost effective and produce excellent results if they are used in conjunction with a compatible fountain solution. Our fountain solutions are specially designed to be compatible with this new technology and are especially suited because they enable the press to run on low water settings. The wetabilty of our fountain solutions eliminates pre wetting plates at start up and keep those poly plates printing cleanly. We can achieve quick clean start-up with minimum wastage. Seeing is believing so contact us for more information. You can join the growing number of printers now enjoying running their presses efficiently with poly plates. We only supply fountain solutions so we can assist your current Polyester CTP Plate supplier in achieving the quality you require.

Email us or see our contact page for further information.


FOGRA approved "2in1" Fountain Solution and alcohol dosers

LTI has sold well over 1.2 million liters of 2in1 Fountain Solution in Australia and New Zealand and BM Management has sold over 4 million liters into the South African printing industry.

"2in1" Fountain Solution is the only FOGRA approved fountain solution specifically designed to run through alcohol dosers safely, reliably and accurately.

Well over 5 million liters of "2in1" Fountain Solution has been dosed through Baldwin, Technotrans, MGE and other alcohol dosing systems in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and more recently in Austria and Germany.

Today we are pleased to be able to say that we have many customers dosing "2in1" through the latest innovations from alcohol dosing manufacturers including Technotrans' Alcosmart AZR, Baldwin's IPA Sonic and more recently in Austria Unisensor's Alcoprint 3000.

To date we have found all alcohol dosing system's when correctly set capable of dosing "2in1" Fountain Solution as accurately as they do IPA. On occasions these systems require slight changes in their setup programs and LTI provides this service to our customers as part of the installation service. We have many customers who would be pleased to endorse "2in1" Fountain Solution's accurate, reliable and safe dosing through their particular systems.

Please do not hesitate contacting us if you are interested or require technical assistance with your dosing system using "2in1" Fountain Solution.