Sheetfed Consumables

Auto 70 Wash

Auto Wash 70 is designed to remove lint,ink, glaze from the blankets. for use in automatic systems, Baldwin,Oxy Dry, Heidelberg etc. Developed in conjunction with Caxton group.


A safe solvent for cleaning all inks especially U.V. Safe to use (less hazardous to health than conventional washes) and easily stored.
(Certified for KUV a compound suitable for mixed printing UV/ conventional and VM a compound suitable for mixed printing UV/ conventional)

Blanket Wash Type F

For efficient use mix 50/50 with water before use. Can be applied by hand or placed into automatic wash-up machines.


This product is excellent for changing colours on all presses. If used on litho presses it has to be followed through with Blanket Wash or mineral turps but on letterpress machines it is not necessary. As its name implies it is a blanket and roller troubleshooter.

Kombi Kleen

Used in place of Gum Arabic solution this product actually increases the ink receptivity of the image on storage. Especially useful on a baked Positive plate or CTP plates (which have a tendency to go blind on the run)or which can be slow to ink up.This product eliminates the bad habit of using Blanket Wash (Mineral Turps) and Gum Arabic to store the plates. Being user friendly it leaves the water bucket and hands! in a cleaner tidier and safer condition.

Professional Plate Cleaner

A thick orange stable emulsion containing a slight abrasive to help remove hickeys from the plate also. Works on all metal plates.